Fluidity is about Art, Soul, Beauty and Humanity, as explored through water design.

The firm provides creative and technical design and systems engineering solutions, which are unbiased by collateral profit centers––Fluidity is not a product manufacturer or construction contractor. Our structure provides our clients with professional service and advice that benefits them, the project and the public. Each design is conceived and developed for maximum value in relation to all the influencing success criteria. We maintain collaborative relationships with our clients and other design professionals throughout the design and construction processes and we invite the client’s participation throughout the life of the work.

Fluidity is a specialist design firm, though we are professionally trained to think like generalists. Our professional education informs our specialist skills to help us achieve balanced designs.

Fluidity’s mission is to create water features that enhance their environments, magnify the meaning of their places, and form important connections with the people who visit them. We seek design solutions that unfold through study, discovery and collaboration with our design partners.