Eskenazi Health Center

Eskenazi Health Center, in Indianapolis, Indiana, is one of the nation’s leading providers of healthcare to the underprivileged in the city and surrounding county, where it has operated since 1855. An endowment provided the means to build a new campus, configured around a major, community-oriented green space. The fountain on the east side of the plaza, ‘Healing Waters’, is a reflection pool, aligned with the health center’s main entrance, offering immersive experiences in a transforming, topographic basin. ‘Falls’, the rustic fountain to the west, presents a hundred-foot-long composition of roughly quarried limestone. The design incorporates trees, cascades, and a lengthy reception pool with water plantings. Notably, ‘Falls’ operates year-round, icing up each Winter while keeping a portion of the water in liquid, flowing form.

Photography by
Fluidity, Sahar Coston-Hardy
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